Chapter Three The gun battle (I)
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                                     Chapter Three      The gun battle

By Annebella    (六1班严祎睿)

The two children tried to pursue them, but failed, and watched them disappear in the shadow of the trees.

Frustrated, Lizza threw the gun to the ground. “ They ‘re  too quick for us!” She complained. “ Do you want to catch the murderer or not?”yelled Harry back at her. “ Oh all right, I ‘m sorry. I’m just frustrated, that’s all!” Lizza said. And she sat down on the ground and wept. Harry sat down beside her and tried to comfort her. “ Hey there, they’re here!”

Voices awoke Harry and Lizza from their sleep. They opened their eyes a crack and saw seven black masked men standing beside them. Lizza’s hand tightened on the gun. Harry, who found on too, drew it from his pocket.

They pretended to be asleep, until they heard:”Kill them, now!”

They leaped up, and ran, looking back and dodging bullets coming their way. A bullet hit Lizza’s left shoulder, and Harry hid her in a tree hole, saying “ I’ll come back for you later!”Angrily holding up the gun he ran.

Until they were two miles away from the tree did the seven men realize Lizza was missing. “ Where’s the girl?”One asked. “ Maybe we hit her. We’ll go and collect her body later, then we’ll only have one forture to worry about. “ said another hopefully.

When he turned around he saw all six were gone , he hurried to catch up.

The men were gaining speed fast. Harry turned around, waiting for the end.He knew he was not a killer, so he dropped the gun.