Chapter Three The gun battle (II)
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Chapter Three      The gun battle

By Annebella        1  严祎睿


The men were almost on top of him now.  “There’s the boy. “he said. And a wild goose chase began. One man was so excited that he leaped over Harry’s head. And when he realized and fired back. Harry ducked ,the bullet’s sound whistled over his head,and hit one man square in the chest. He fell. Harry shivered and prepared a kick .The man who fired ran toward Harry, and Harry kicked and ducked. The man flew to his companion. The other man thought it was Harry and killed the man. Before he died, he killed the other man. Three down. Harry kicked, ducked, sprung, swung a fist, and soon, three more were lying, unconscious at his feet.

The one who seemed to be the leader circled Harry cautiously. He fired. Harry ducked. After the man used up all his bullets, he dived toward Harry and grabbed Harry’s gun. His head was bleeding, and trembled so much that the gun flew out of his hands. Harry caught it and flung it as far away from the man as he could, which was into a river.

Now, it would be no gun battle, just a fist fight. Harry had the advantage of having two not-bleeding hands. He kicked, and the man ducked. He swung one fist but the man was ready. Blocking the blow with one hand(the bad one, which made him scream in pain), he pinned Harry’s hand with the good one, and sat on Harry’s legs.”Boy, you’re no match for me!”It was Mr. Lender. Harry could smell his breath,which stunk. Now Harry’s legs were bleeding. He stopped struggling, which made Mr. Lender surprised for a moment, and kicked as hard as he could. Mr. Lender was knocked off balance.


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