An Incident
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An Incident

By Shelly (4)  周奕娴

"I don't care what you have to say for yourselves," said Mrs. Sun firmly. " Stand in one another's shoes and consider what you have done wrong."


Ella chewed on the insides of her cheeks, not willing to be the first to speak, since she was absolutely innocent...or so she told herself. She eyed William, a little irritated to find that he wasn't too eager to speak either. 


She thought back to what had happened, a little troubled by the things she remember. But she refuse to be the one who speaks first for clearly it was William who should open up or even apologize -- though she doubted it, seeing the way he was looking at her.


Ella for once, tried to fix her mind on something other than getting annoyed with William, so she tried to remember the whole incident from the beginning. It was all coming back to her now. She remembered the scorching sun bake the air dry even under the protection of shade. She felt feverish in the humid air and desired a drink. During the walk to the water fountain, the bell rang. She hurried so she could join her friends going to the classroom.


But there came a basketball hurtling towards her direction, then hitting her on the head so hard that she saw stars. She remembered seeing William in that direction the ball had came before nearly collapsing against a tree, and the feeling of such dizziness that she can't even recall her friends helping her to the classroom.


Before she knew she had reached the classroom, she was sobbing on her seat, head buried in her arms trying to keep the voice as muffled as possible so no one would hear. Though she could tell by their hushed whispering that they were, which made her even more depressed.


William remembered how Ella had looked in her seat -- a total mess. So when he noticed her friends throwing him weird looks, he couldn't help but ask in a hushed voice:"What happened to her?"    


"How dare he even say those "caring words" when they are nothing but lies?" She had thought. So she looked up from her desk, ignoring the fact that she still had dry traces of tears on her cheeks, walked up to William, despite the fact that she's still a bit wobbly on her feet, and told him, trying to keep the her voice from quivering and failing: "You want to know what happened? Fine, seeing as you asked nicely I might as well tell you anyway."


She paused, waiting for the surprised look his face that said: "how did you know?" Yet it never came, instead there was a shocked and confused look that said: "how is this even possible?"


Then she told him about the whole incident -- hardly managing not to punch him in the face in the process -- and demanded with all the menace she could muster: "So if you didn't mean it at the time, you should apologize right now to prove your innocence, or else!"


William had not been able to suppress a smirk at this, not impressed by her fierce attitude. "or else what? Accept it, it's all over now. Ok, so maybe I threw the ball in an inappropriate direction, but that doesn't mean you can force an apology out of me.


Ella gritted her teeth. So she had been right all along: he did it on purpose. She bet it was also fun. Ella's fury had burned white hot, thinking about nothing but William and his lies. She remembered every single detail -- the sound her teeth made as she gnashed them together; how her hands hurt when her fingernails dug into her palms, since she was balling then into fists so tightly; how her eyes hurt because she cried and used them to glare at William so soon afterwards; how her whole body was tense because of her anger.


But thinking from William's perspective, if he didn't do it on purpose, than she would have called herself a liar, despite how she herself looked.


Even though you are the one who started all this, I should have kept my cool and asked what was really going on and not just assumed everything. For that I'm really sorry, William," She heard herself saying. "Since really it was just me who was not considerate enough to stand in your shoes at the beginning."


“I'm sorry too, Ella." He said sincerely."I shouldn't have had that death aim when I wasn't looking. It is never right to have human heads for aim."    


“Well, I'm definitely glad that they worked out now." smiled Mrs. Sun.


Ella and William shared a knowing smile with each other, they knew they are too.

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