The event that truly changed my life
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The event that truly changed my life

                            By Annabeth Yan  (1)  严祎睿

The event that truly changed my life was on that night, when I stood in front of my mother crying.

Since I was young, my mom forbid me to play with anything that involved games on electric devices: Iphone and Ipad are all kept away from me and seemed so far away.

Once when my parents were out, I heard a small noise from the old phone giving out a message. Out of curiosity, I looked at it. It was a message of game. My eyes grew wide and I played with that game. For a whole week, I couldn’t part from the game. I hid it under my mattress, even though I knew it was a monster tearing at my soul. I just couldn’t resist it. I cheated my mom I had finished the homework for the National Day. That week we kept quarreling. My parents thought I became another girl, they thought maybe it was because I was in the period of adolescence, and my mom kept asking herself if she was too strict with me, and she even asked help from some books about how to educate children in adolescence in a right way. My heart felt as if it was going to tear in two, with addiction and self-accusation filled in my mind. That night, a pang of blame struck the only conscience remaining in my soul. Tears filled my eyes. Memories of the words my mom once told me flooded back into my mind: “Child, honesty is the best quality people could have, if without it, our lives is meaningless. I believe you can do the things that is right.” That moment, I knew what was right. I canceled the game and told my mom everything.

    That changed my life, if without that choice, my life may fall into the deepest pit of doom. I knew now how to tell right from wrong. Honesty is the basic quality one should have, nobody can do without it, and that will be the rule I will follow to the end of my life.



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